zondag 14 juni 2015

The most important call

I am really sorry that I didn't post my results right away!
But better late then never :)

So here it goes.
I woke up really early. Not the best thing to do in my case. Untill the call I was really nervous and I just sat on the coutch and watched TV. Everybody sended me messages and was calling me. 

My class has a group chat, so when the first person said he didn't passed, I was extremely nervous. The tought that I didn't passed took over. But when people said they had passed their exams the thoughts went away.
Yet a little voice in my head said: 'What if she (my mentor) forgot to call me and I actually didn't passed?'

But that wasn't the case, I actually graduated with two sevens on my reportcard!!
I was so happy, I told everybody. First I called my parents (they had to work, so I was homealone), then I called and send messages to my friends.
So now I get the chance to start a new chapter in my life. Because after the summer vacation ends, I am a STUDENT!!!
Ojeah, I even got my own coowl flag!
Of course we had to celibrate that I passed my exams. So I invited my friends and we had a little backyard party. It was really nice, because I got spoiled with lots of presents.
From my parent I got a POLAROID. I am so happy with it, it is really coowwll!! And from my friends I got a lot of candy!! Just when I wanted to start with my diet hahahah
The crazy crew together!!

My own black POLAROID!!

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  1. Well done on passing! So jealous of your camera, what a lovely gift!

  2. Amazing post dear!