dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Don't you just love a good party?!

Last weekend I went with my four good friends to BEST KEPT SECRET! And it was amazing.
We only went on saturday, but I got to go the BALTHAZAR so everything was oké.
We also went to: Of monsters and men and The Vaccines. And I absolutely loved it. Going to festivals has becom one of my new addictions.

Not only the music but also the people and the festival ground is great. But whats most important is the FOOOOOODDDD, that was just awsome. I had a tortilla with grilled steak. It was jummie. 

And of course I bought some goodies at the festival:
  • An Elpee from the band BALTHAZAR.
  • A pair of TOMS shoes. I bought them for €45 and an artist drew some pictures on them. Also, when you buy a pair they give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. So that is one great deal, don't you think?
  • And of course I couldn't leave the festival without a tattoo of a colourful indian. I bought it for €3,-
I loved it all. I had an great experience at BKS. Here are, of course, the pictures of the goodies I bought, but also some pictures of the festival itself.

O my god, this was just amazing

My goodies. I don't have a picture of my new shoes
because they ar all filthy, cause I already wore them!

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