donderdag 11 juni 2015


Tuesday me and my friends went to prom!
First we agreed to meet at my house so we could dress up and have a nice afternoon with the girls.
After that, a massive white limo stopped in front of our house.

Of course we had to take a lot of pictures with and without the limo:)
It was a great evening and night. The party was a great ending of my time at high school (well that is what I'm hoping, that it is the end of my time at high school. So I can start a fun new chapter in my life). I wanted to share the pictures we made at prom with you, so I hope you like it. And I also hope you like my outfit. I am wearing a long black dress, with open heels. Both are from H&M. 

Now, right at this moment, I am waiting for the phone to ring so I can find out if I passed my exam or not. I am so freeking nervous. 
But I will tell you everything when I get my results :)

Wish me luck, I will be back!!

Well, this is not the best picture.
Because this one was taken with a polaroid,
so I had to photograph the photo. hahah
But here you can see really good, what we
were all wearing and how pretty everyone looked :)
Ojeah, we had our own limo and it was AMAZING!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks like so much fun, and yes your dress is incredible! The long length makes it very classic. And I'm sure you passes :)

  2. Aw looks so fun! Cant wait for my prom now! x