vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Arts and Crafts

Hello guys,

A few weeks ago I bought this book called:  Vintage at home. I bought it in a fair trade store in Almere. It's called WAAR. It is a lovely store with fair trade items and I go there a lot. Not just for the items, but also for the people. The people who work there are so nice and welcoming :)

But back to business. This afternoon my mom and I decided to make something out of this book. I made the lampshade and my mom made the great and awsome decorations for my boots. I really love them. 

How to make the lampshade:
* buy an old lampshade on a vintage or a flee market.
* take the original fabric off.
* decide what you want to put on your lampshade: Fabric scraps or pieces of lace, stuff like that.
Just glue it on the lampshade and it's finished.

I had a lot of fabric scraps, so I knitted them together and pasted them with my glue gun on the lampshade. 
At kingsday I bought a lot of old lampshades for less then €2,- This lampshade was my first try so now I can make a lot more.

How to make the decorations on my the boots:
* you need ribbons, or other nice things you can sew on it.
* you also need a big piece of leather to sew the decorations on it.
* to rap the pieces around your boots, you need to make holes in patch so you can attach the laces. 
Whe bought a big piece of leather on the fabric market and the ribbons we bought at the Xenos. It al costs like €10,- 

I hope you like what we made and if you ever have any questions, you can just email me with the question :)

woensdag 27 mei 2015

Final exam

Today I made my last exam. It went okay, my last subject was physics. I'm usually great in physics, but with tests I always screw up. Lets hope that that is not the case. I am hoping I will graduate this year and just move on to the next school :) 
Now I am home and I can finally relax for two weeks and then I will get a phone call with my results. O my god, I hope I passed!! But for now, I AM FREE FROM SCHOOL!!!!

I also wanted to tell you that I finally wore my hat today. It has been a long time since I wore it. Besides, I think you should see my whole outfit from today :)
I really like this look. I am wearing my oversisde blouse and mom jeans, both pieces I bought at H&M. My studded boots I bought at Taft in Amsterdam-Noord. 
I hope you like my outfit as much as I like it :)


maandag 25 mei 2015

My precious

My wall full of LP's 
Today is the beginning of a new week. I only have to more tests to go and then I am free (from school). But because it is the beginning of a new week I wanted to show you my collection of LP's. I am really proud of my collection and it is still growing :)

On Kingsday, a while back, I bought four new LP's to hang on my wall (just for €8,00). I am a big music fan, but I also buy the LP's because of the covers. 
I choose the prettiest and coolest
covers I can find,so I can hang them 
on my wall. 
I have no idea why I hang them on my wall but I think it looks really cool :) Underneath my new LP's!

The LP"s I bought on Kingsday!

I bought this one because I thought it 
looked just like a painting! 
And it is going to look great on my

I am very interested in the eye, 
So this one seemed

This one I bought because of the music,
I am a big fan of synthesizer!

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Shopping addiction

As I told you in my former post I had a meeting with Demi, my fellow blogger. We talked a lot about our blogs and how we can improve with our blogging. As you can see my blog has changed immens! But I am posting this because, besides the blog meeting I also bought some nice new things :)

When I am in the city I always buy something. So, because of my shop addiction, I made an agreement with myself: I am going to save some money, so I can spend it at Best Kept Secret!!!

But back to my newly bought things :)
So I bought a notebook for the blog, I can wright anything in it and it is prety awesome already. Besdides the notebook, I also bought a 'letter slinger' (I'm sorry, I don't know the English word for it). And a vase with a dragonfly on it.

Bought it at the xenos for, I think, €2,35. And I think it is pretty cool,
because it matches my butterfly in a frame very well.
I already had the camera :) my parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday last year.
But the notebook I bought at the HEMA for €3,00.

Bought it at the xenos for about €3,50. And now it is hanging on my door.

Denim on denim

I have decided to wear denim on denim on denim.
I combined my moms H&M skirt with my levi blouse and jacket.
I just felt like it, so I did. My outfit is in the picture :)

Later today I am having a meating with my fellow blogger Demi Terlien (http://abookaday-bookemi.blogspot.nl). You should really visit her blog if you like books and want to talk to her about it. She is an amazing person and she is also a lot of fun!

So I am meating her today, and I guess I will post another article about our meating.Because we are going to talk about our blogs and she is going to help me to improve my blog. I hope she can help me and make my blog just like hers, because her blog is fantastic!!

donderdag 21 mei 2015

Hippie pants

Outfit of today!
My personal opinion? Ofcourse I love it!!
Today I can finally wear my hippie pants again! I bought it at H&M. It is the most comfy pants I have ever wore. And that's why it is perfect for a damn long test I have to take later today!
The shirt I bought at Primark en often I combine this set with my Levi jacket, wich I bought at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam (great shop by the way).

At H&M they have more of this kind of pants, but if you don't like them, I suggest you go to Brandymelville. It is a great shop and they have lots of these kind of pants. You can find them in the Leidsestraat, Amsterdam.
But Brandymelville❤️ also has an online shop, so if you don't have a store close by you can shop it online. You just need to go to : www.brandymelville.com or www.brandymelville.de

Lots of love

woensdag 20 mei 2015


Een ding wat nu helemaal in is en wat ik zelf ook constant draag.
Het is super snel en makkelijk aan te brengen. Je legt de tattoo op de plek waar je hem wil gaat er met een nat washandje overheen en klaar is kees!!

Hiernaast een van de tattoo's die ik op dit moment draag! Ik zal jullie zeker laten weten wanneer hij verdwenen is. Ik heb deze samen met vet veel andere tattoo's bij de Sting gekocht. Drie vellen voor €10,- Super goedkoop vond ik. De tattoos zijn ook perfect voor bij een festvial outfit!

De truitjes die ik draag heb ik gekocht bij BRANDYMELVILLE. Deze winkel is echt heilig voor mij. Wel een beetje aan de dure kant en het is ook wel jammer dat ze maar one size verkopen. Maar sommige dingen zijn zo leuk dat je ze gewoon moet kopen!!

First post!

Hello guys,

Vandaag, 20-5-2015, heb ik mijn blog aangemaakt. Ik heb allemaal vrienden gevraagd hoe zij aan hun blog zijn begonnen en waar ik het dan over zou moeten hebben. Ze gaven allemaal hetzelfde antwoord: FASHION! Ik ben ook wel echt een mode freak.

Ik zal eerst even wat over mijzelf vertellen :)

Ik ben Jenny, ik ben 16 jaar en ik zit midden in mijn examen. Misschien dus ook niet echt handig dat ik midden in mijn examens een blog ga beginnen. Maarja hea, ik kan super veel dingen tegelijk. Daarnaast speel ik waterpolo en we zijn dit seizoen kampioen geworden!!

Na mijn HAVO wil ik heul graag Fashion Textile Technologies studeren. Als alles goed gaat ga ik volgend jaar of naar het Saxion in Enschede of naar het AMFI in AMSTERDAM. De laatste school wil ik echt super graag naar toe maar ik krijg pas in Juli te horen of ik ben toegelaten.

Wat ben ik van plan op deze blog te doen?

Ik hoop jullie te verblijden en te vermaken met foto's en verhalen van FASHION, DIY en BEAUTY!!
Natuurlijk probeer ik zo vaak mogelijk wat te posten zodat jullie mijn leven een beetje kunnen lezen.



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