I am a huge fan of vintage, I think 90 percent of my wardrobe consist of vintage clothing. But I call them my jewels because they are one of a kind!
That's why I wanted to dedicate a page to my vintage clothing but also to the vintage stores and markets I always go to.

1) My vintage jewells.

First I wanted to share my vintage jewells with you guys. I am buying vintage clothes since the summer of 2013, here are some pictures with a small description :)
My Hippy outfit. I combine
this with my hippy jeans.
I bought the red jacket
at Hard Bitten and
the Others during
I actually don't know when or where
I bought this blouse. But I just
really like it. It looks like
an hawaiian shirt.

This blouse I bought
at vintage per kilo at
the schram studio's.
It was my first market!

These items were my very first
items I bought in a vintage
store. I bought it at

This one I also bought
at Hard Bitten and the
Others during Kingsday.
This one I bought at Zipper.
I wanted something shiny
to put over my black dress.
I wore this with my black
dress during a christmas dinner.

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