vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Shopping addiction

As I told you in my former post I had a meeting with Demi, my fellow blogger. We talked a lot about our blogs and how we can improve with our blogging. As you can see my blog has changed immens! But I am posting this because, besides the blog meeting I also bought some nice new things :)

When I am in the city I always buy something. So, because of my shop addiction, I made an agreement with myself: I am going to save some money, so I can spend it at Best Kept Secret!!!

But back to my newly bought things :)
So I bought a notebook for the blog, I can wright anything in it and it is prety awesome already. Besdides the notebook, I also bought a 'letter slinger' (I'm sorry, I don't know the English word for it). And a vase with a dragonfly on it.

Bought it at the xenos for, I think, €2,35. And I think it is pretty cool,
because it matches my butterfly in a frame very well.
I already had the camera :) my parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday last year.
But the notebook I bought at the HEMA for €3,00.

Bought it at the xenos for about €3,50. And now it is hanging on my door.

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  1. I love that vase! I love things like that. The sign is a cute idea too!


  2. Thanks so much for following me on Bloglovin! I already followed you back as a support to each other! Really nice to meet you!
    Going to follow you on other social media, hope you can follow me back too! :)