vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Denim on denim

I have decided to wear denim on denim on denim.
I combined my moms H&M skirt with my levi blouse and jacket.
I just felt like it, so I did. My outfit is in the picture :)

Later today I am having a meating with my fellow blogger Demi Terlien (http://abookaday-bookemi.blogspot.nl). You should really visit her blog if you like books and want to talk to her about it. She is an amazing person and she is also a lot of fun!

So I am meating her today, and I guess I will post another article about our meating.Because we are going to talk about our blogs and she is going to help me to improve my blog. I hope she can help me and make my blog just like hers, because her blog is fantastic!!

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