vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Arts and Crafts

Hello guys,

A few weeks ago I bought this book called:  Vintage at home. I bought it in a fair trade store in Almere. It's called WAAR. It is a lovely store with fair trade items and I go there a lot. Not just for the items, but also for the people. The people who work there are so nice and welcoming :)

But back to business. This afternoon my mom and I decided to make something out of this book. I made the lampshade and my mom made the great and awsome decorations for my boots. I really love them. 

How to make the lampshade:
* buy an old lampshade on a vintage or a flee market.
* take the original fabric off.
* decide what you want to put on your lampshade: Fabric scraps or pieces of lace, stuff like that.
Just glue it on the lampshade and it's finished.

I had a lot of fabric scraps, so I knitted them together and pasted them with my glue gun on the lampshade. 
At kingsday I bought a lot of old lampshades for less then €2,- This lampshade was my first try so now I can make a lot more.

How to make the decorations on my the boots:
* you need ribbons, or other nice things you can sew on it.
* you also need a big piece of leather to sew the decorations on it.
* to rap the pieces around your boots, you need to make holes in patch so you can attach the laces. 
Whe bought a big piece of leather on the fabric market and the ribbons we bought at the Xenos. It al costs like €10,- 

I hope you like what we made and if you ever have any questions, you can just email me with the question :)

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