donderdag 2 juli 2015

A day to remember!

Yeserday, 1st of july, I did some things that my parent and I will remember for a long time. I cut my hair after I let it grow for about two years. Unfortunatelly it was to short to donate. But besides I cut my hair, I graduated! It was awesome, it just was so hot everyone was sweating. But it was fun to see everybody once more and now I closed this chapter and I can start a new one. I just wanted to share this day with you:) But right now I just want to jump in the pool and get tanned. 
So enjoy your vacation and here are some pictures of yesterday :)

She was my mentor for the year. Really lovely lady! If you are wondering what I wore to my graduation. I wore a red dress just above the knee,
with my bohemian sandals (they have a little cow head and somefeathers on them)

Just if you wonderded how I looked while I was signing my diploma :)

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